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This test belongs to 3.2.2 On Input.


Version For review


This test checks forms that initiate a change of context without submit button.



  • This test case assumes that forms without submit buttons use another way to submit the form data. Form controls that are used for other purposes and that are never submitted, might produce an incorrect failed result (false positive).

Test properties

Property Possible values
Success Criterion 3.2.2 On Input
Test mode SemiAuto
Test environment DOM (+ server connection ???)
Test subject single web page
User expertise and skills basic understanding of HTML and WCAG
User profile

Test procedure


Test mode: earl:automatic

Select form element without submit button (input[@type='submit'] or input[@type='image'] or button[@type='submit']).

Step 1

Test mode: earl:automatic

Does the form contain only one form control from the following list:

  • one group of radio buttons (input[@type='radio'][@name=name])
  • one checkbox (input[@type='checkbox'])
  • one select element

and not other form controls?

If no, return

Property Value
TestCase SC3-2-2-form-no-submit
Identifier SC3-2-2-form-no-submit-fail1
Outcome failed
ErrorMessage The form has several fields and no submit button.
Pointer position

If yes, continue with #Step 2.

Step 2

Test mode: earl:manual

User input question

Item presented to the user: selected form including all form controls

Question: Is there an explanation of what will happen when the control is changed available prior to the controls activation?

Answer options: "yes/no"

Help text: Changing a control means checking a checkbox, entering text into a text field, or changing the selected option in a list control. If the web page contains an explanation what will happen when a control is changed before the form, please answer "yes". Else, answer "no".

Repair suggestion: none

Properties of the test step:

  • context-sensitive = yes
  • user interaction (with the web content) required = no

If no, return

Property Value
TestCase SC3-2-2-form-no-submit
Identifier SC3-2-2-form-no-submit-fail2
Outcome failed
ErrorMessage Explanation about context change missing.
Pointer position

Else, return

Property Value
TestCase SC3-2-2-form-no-submit
Identifier SC3-2-2-form-no-submit-pass1
Outcome passed
Pointer position