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This test belongs to 2.2.1 Timing Adjustable, and to 3.2.5 Change on Request


Version 1.0: Completed


This test checks if meta element is not used for delayed redirecting or refreshing.



  • This test assumes no functionality was provided by the website for the user to adjust the timer.

Test properties

Property Possible values
Test name Meta refresh and redirect is not used
Success Criterion
Test mode automatic
Test environment DOM
Test subject single web page

Test procedure


Test mode: earl:automatic

Select each element matching: meta[http-equiv="refresh"][content]

Step 1

Test mode: earl:automatic

Take the value of the content attribute of the selected element.

Remove any characters starting after the first comma or semicolon from the value.

Parse the remainder to an integer.

If the integer is invalid or 0, return:

Property Value
TestCase SC2-2-1+SC3-2-5-meta-refresh
Identifier SC2-2-1+SC3-2-5-meta-refresh-passed
Outcome passed
Pointer Selected element

Else return:

Property Value
TestCase SC2-2-1+SC3-2-5-meta-refresh
Identifier SC2-2-1+SC3-2-5-meta-refresh-failed
Outcome failed
ErrorMessage Meta refresh should not be used unless it is instantaneous.
Pointer Selected element