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automatable test (tool only)


  1. First Draft

Open issues

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  • Links to Techniques for WCAG 2.0 W3C Working Group Note 11 March 2014
  • Summary of information from UWEM 2.0 draft


This test checks that when a text has no discernible background, that the text color is not set either.


  • Text is always positioned on top of it’s ancestor elements.
  • All text on the page is meaningful

Test procedure

UTT: Required user expertise and skills

0: Automated test. No user input.

Test subject

  1. DOM and CSS (= same as 2. plus computed style for each element)

single page

Selector (tool)

Look at each element containing text that is rendered to the screen. Select all elements where the background is defined. The text should not consist of only white space characters.

Step 1 (tool)

Determine the text color

  • IF the text color is defined: Return FAILED.
Key Value
test id 1.4.3-F1
SC 1.4.3
result FAILED
  • ELSE: Return PASSED
Key Value
test id 1.4.3-P1
SC 1.4.3
result PASSED