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  • partially automatable test (tool can produce some results, user input required to perform the full test)


  1. First Draft

Open issues

  • There is nothing about link text yet


  • Links to Techniques for WCAG 2.0 W3C Working Group Note 11 March 2014
  • Summary of information from UWEM 2.0 draft


This test checks the text has sufficient contrast. This test


  • Text is always positioned on top of it’s ancestor elements.
  • All text on the page is meaningful

Test procedure

UTT: Required user expertise and skills

  1. no prior knowledge
  • Only sighted users can perform this test

Test subject

  1. DOM and CSS (= same as 2. plus computed style for each element)

single page

Selector (tool)

Select elements on a page that contain text that is rendered to the screen and for which the background is a color. This text must contain non-white space characters. Any element which in addition to a background color also has a background iamge set must be ignored.

Step 1 (tool)

  • IF the CSS color property of the element is set on the element or inherited: Select this as color-1 and go to Step 2.