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Check if images meet 1.4.1 Use of Color.


1: First Draft

Open issues

  • Failure F13 relates to two SCs. How to handle that?



This test checks …


Test procedure

UTT: Required user expertise and skills

Select one of:

  1. no prior knowledge
  2. basic understanding of HTML
  3. basic understanding of WCAG
  4. advanced understanding of WCAG

Specify: Are there any additional requirements for the user profile?
(i.e.: A question about images can’t be answered by a blind person.)

Test subject

Select one of:

  1. HTML source (= unprocessed source of the web page)
  2. DOM tree (= generated source after onload scripts are applied (no user interaction). CSS is taken into account so that elements that are not displayed are not tested.)
  3. DOM and CSS (= same as 2. plus computed style for each element)
  4. rendered page (= page as it is presented in a browser)

Specify: Does the test require the checking of multiple pages? (single page / multiple pages)

Selector (tool, user)

(CSS selector)

Step 1 (tool, user)

to do

Step 2 (tool, user)

to do