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This test checks whether or not fieldset elements have been used above a certain number of elements.



  • There is no other valid way to divide forms other then fieldset elements

Test properties

Property Possible values
Success Criterion 1.3.1 Info and Relationships
Test mode automatic
Test environment DOM
Test subject single web page

Test procedure


Test mode: earl:automatic

Select any form element.

Step 1

Test mode: earl:automatic

  • Create an empty “amount” integer;
  • Fill “amount” with: the amount of input elements in the selected form element. (elements: input[@type='text'], input[@type='password'], input[@type='file'], select, textarea);
  • IF “amount” is higher than 8 AND no element in the selected element is a fieldset element:
    • Return SC131-form-division-possiblefail;
  • ELSE:
    • Return SC131-form-division-pass;

Property Value
TestCase SC131-form-division
id SC131-form-division-possiblefail
Outcome cantTell
ErrorMessage human input required.
Pointer position
Info More than 8 input element but no fieldset element.

Property Value
TestCase SC131-form-division
Identifier SC131-form-division-pass
Outcome passed
Pointer position