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Open actions from auto-wcag Community telecons

  • Hanno: Create a definition for context changes
  • Hanno: Test for livestream
  • Hanno: Create a proposal for reliably detecting context change
  • Frank: Continue work on 1.2 test cases
  • All: Contact tool vendors (as agreed during telecon on 2016-02-11)
  • Wilco/All - continue migration to Github (from April 7, 2016 call).
  • All, more work on tests (from April 7, 2016 call).

Closed actions

  • All - work with Judy towards making auto WCAG into a formal W3C group (precise group format yet to be determined) (from April 7, 2016 call).
  • Annika - Finalize dates for auto-WCAG 2016 workshop.
  • Annika and Wilco: Discuss multi-page approach
  • Annika: Continue work on multi-page test cases
  • Wilco: Investigate migration from mediawiki to github
  • Annika: Look for location for auto-wcag workshop in 2016