TPAC 2018 in Lyon

The Web Payments Working Group next meets face-to-face on 22-23 October in Lyon, as part of W3C’s annual TPAC week. Our agenda includes discussion of:

  • Status of Payment Request API implementations and closing the extra features for version 1 that we discussed earlier this year.
  • Status of Payment Handler API, including demos and discussion of key issues.
  • European payments and ensuring compatibility with Web payments. I anticipate participation from Open Banking UK, STET, and possibly the European Central Bank.
  • Card payment security, including discussion of tokenization and 3DS.
  • We also plan a broader conversation about strong authentication with other groups that will be meeting that week, including the Web Authentication Working Group and likely others.
  • Merchant and user adoption.
  • Exploratory topics, including: potential version 2 features for Payment Request API, Web monetization, and others.

As usual, broad participation makes these meetings valuable (and fun). Current registrants from the Working Group include: Airbnb, Alibaba, American Express, Apple, Bank of America, Barclays Bank, BPCE, Capital One, China Mobile, Coil, Conexxus, Digital Bazaar, Discover, Facebook, Google, GS1, ISO 20022 RA, Klarna, Lyra Networks, Mastercard, Microsoft, Mozilla, Orange, Shopify, Spec-Ops, Worldpay, and Visa. I am also expecting more participants to register between now and the meeting.

In addition, we plan to have guests from: Access, Amazon, Baidu, Brave Software, EMVCo, Fujitsu, Igalia, Intel, JCB, Rakuten, Sony, STET, Toshiba, Volkswagen, and Yubico.

If the experience of previous years holds, some of our discussions will “spill over” into Wednesday, as breakout sessions.

I look forward to Lyon!

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