Submission Guidelines

The following types of components can be submitted for inclusion in the Accessible UI Components List:

  • Widgets – Packages of HTML/CSS and JavaScript that enable interactive functions, for example a date picker.
  • Frameworks – CSS and code libraries with a variety of page and/or page section templates and widgets.
  • Themes – Special ready-to-use packages of Frontend and Backend code that create layout and functionality for a website
  • Snippets – Short, very specific code samples that display accessibility techniques.

These submitted components must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Components submitted must conform to WCAG 2.0 Level AA. If the components involve authoring tasks, they must also conform to ATAG 2.0 Level AA.
  2. A publicly available accessibility statement for every submitted component is strongly encouraged. This should contain information about the accessibility of the component and any conformance claims made. A sample accessibility statement is available for reuse.
  3. For Snippets only: Provide code snippets in a format that is easy to read and to use by others. The purpose of each snippet needs to be clear from the description provided. Documentation to support reuse is strongly encouraged.
  4. For Themes only: Submitted themes must adhere to the accessibility requirements and audits of the respective CMS. If the CMS does not specify accessibility requirements and audits, then an accessibility statement is required.
    For example: Legible WordPress themes must be in the WordPress themes repository and have the accessibility-ready tag (requires an accessibility review process managed by WordPress). Other WordPress themes are not deemed legible for submission.

The submitter is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided. Submission by the developers or owners of the components is encouraged. W3C does not endorse or rate any of the listed UI Components and their owners. W3C reserves the right to include or remove any submissions at any time, and to adapt the above rules without notice. In particular, submissions with code reported to include potential viruses, malware, and other threats will be removed.