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How to add a new talk

W3C Group participants, members of the W3C Team, W3C Evangelists and W3C Chapters Staff are invited to add new talks whenever you may be making presentations on the work of a W3C Group or W3C work in general.

In addition to adding your talk, please consider adding the event to the W3C Events calendar. The W3C Events calendar typically includes work group f2f meetings, conferences that W3C partners with to promote, or events that are in our best interest to promote (feel free to coordinate with MarComm to determine this). Members of the W3C Team may do so via the Events Manager tool, others should share the event information via w3t-pr@w3.org to request W3C Comm team adds it.

The following information describes how the W3C Team can add a new entry to the talks database, others should share the talk information via w3t-pr@w3.org to request W3C Comm team adds it.

Only a few of the parameters are required, the rest is good to have:

  • Title of your talk
  • Time and Date
  • Venue (the conference or event name)
  • Event website
  • Author’s name (presenter’s name)
  • First, log in to the website using your W3C credentials.
  • Once logged in, you should see an “Events” drop-down menu at the top of the page containing an “Add Event” entry. Note: please, do not add a Post. menu
  • In the form that appears upon clicking on that link, you can enter the title of the talk (required) as well as its abstract or description. You can add links, upload images or embed videos there.
  • Below that main text area is “The Event Calendar” section. There you can specify when and where the talk will take place, as well as who organizes it.
  • Use the “Location” section to select or create a venue (required). This is the conference or event name. You may add the physical address and URI of the event. Leave “Show Google Map:” and “Show Google Maps Link:” checked.
  • Further down, the “Additional Event Fields” let you add more information about the talk. Enter your name in “Author’s name” (required). additional
  • Finally, you should add one or several tags and categories from the right-hand side of the form, and select a Chapter if the event is organized by a W3C Chapter.

If you’re not seeing it, it is likely you created a new Post. Please delete and make sure you select Add Event.