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Open Web Platform Weekly Summary – 2011-11-14 – 2011-11-20

This week, the Open Web Platform weekly summary is about HTML5 Tidy (yes it is back!), A few things about web apps such as storage mechanisms, and a few discussions about DOM properties. CSS has been discussing a few things including the issue of vendor extensions. And more bite sized information. Enjoy!

Open Web Platform Weekly Summary – 2011-04-04 – 2011-04-10

Shelley Powers, like me, published a late weekly. We are totally in synchronization in covering the Open Web Platform weekly news from HTML5 and broader topics. That said it was again quite active not only on the HTML WG mailing list but also on the Web apps WG mailing list. W3C is opening more ways to contribute and the CSS 2.1 is officially reaching Proposed Recommendation. Read and tell me if anything is missing.