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Open Web Platform Weekly Summary – 2011-05-09 – 2011-05-16

The HTML WG is about to reach a very important step of the current W3C Process: Last Call. For a W3C Technology, it is the moment where the WG members think, they have solve any major issues. The document is considered mature and stable enough. Last Call is here to give another chance for all participants to review a stable version of the specification. All comments will be formally recorded and answered.

Open Web Platform Weekly Summary – 2011-04-25 – 2011-05-08

I have been busy the last two weeks with traveling for conferences and workshop. I skipped the last weekly summary of the Open Web Platform. Let’s get that right on track and give information for the last two weeks about HTML5 and broader topics such as Web apps discussions and HTTP. The May 22 deadline for entering Last Call is approaching quickly. In two weeks, a new challenging phase of the work is starting. As a reminder we do not exit a recommendation phase but always entering the next one.

Open Web Platform Weekly Summary – 2011-04-11 – 2011-04-17

For this 7th edition, the HTML WG had discussions about accessibility related to images and tables with a few formal objections. The Last Call of HTML5 is approaching at a fast pace. There are active discussions about FileAPI and IndexedDB, which are fundamental bricks to enable Web applications in the browser. In the meantime, the HTTP Working Group has published a new series of drafts.