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Open Web Platform Weekly Summary – 2011-05-09 – 2011-05-16

The HTML WG is about to reach a very important step of the current W3C Process: Last Call. For a W3C Technology, it is the moment where the WG members think, they have solve any major issues. The document is considered mature and stable enough. Last Call is here to give another chance for all participants to review a stable version of the specification. All comments will be formally recorded and answered.

Hash URIs

There's been quite a bit of discussion recently about the use of hash-bang URIs following their adoption by Gawker, and the ensuing downtime of that site. The TAG at the W3C have also been drafting a document on Repurposing the Hash Sign for the New Web which takes a rather wider view than just the hash-bang issue, and on which they are seeking comments. All matters of design involve weighing different choices against some criteria that you decide on implicitly or explicitly: there is no single right way of doing things on the web. Here, I explore the choices that are available to web developers around hash URIs and discuss how to mitigate the negative aspects of adopting the hash-bang pattern.

Open Web Platform Weekly Summary – 2011-03-28 – 2011-04-03

When we start writing and or read about the activities around the Open Web Platform, we realize that the Web has never been that active. Everyone is proposing, developping, testing. And even if this weekly news from HTML5 and broader topics seemed to be long, it doesn’t cover everything. It is also important to realize that if you are passionate about one of these topics, the full information is accessible and open. Quite exciting. Some of these topics could be the source of long technical blog posts. If you do, please leave a comment or let me know.