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Open Web Platform Weekly Summary – 2011-11-14 – 2011-11-20

This week, the Open Web Platform weekly summary is about HTML5 Tidy (yes it is back!), A few things about web apps such as storage mechanisms, and a few discussions about DOM properties. CSS has been discussing a few things including the issue of vendor extensions. And more bite sized information. Enjoy!

Open Web Platform Weekly Summary – 2011-02-28 – 2011-03-06

We are starting this week a weekly summary about the Open Web Platform. The intent is to give an overview of the discussions, proposals, decisions which have happened during the last week around the Open Web Platform with a focus on HTML5. This weekly summary covers events in multiple W3C groups, and some outside events as well. Feel free to chime in the comments and add information or ask for more details. This is an experiment; please send feedback to Karl Dubost or here in the comments.