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Tuesday, September 1st 2009

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POWDER is a W3C Recommendation

Phew! It's been a long haul – too long really – but we're there and POWDER is now a recognised Web Standard. We received good feedback from W3C members who reviewed the documents (thank you) and these lead to a couple of trivial – I mean trivial – corrections here and there. What next? The specs are done, the key tools are in place including the validator and two conformant processors (created and maintained by i-sieve Technologies and University of Insubria) as well as the toolkit for using POWDER within a framework like Jena and Pellet. I-sieve has also created a tool for generating mobileOK conformance claims for a Web site using POWDER that also adds in Dublin Core metadata and Creative Commons licences if desired. The QUATRO Plus project that helped to foster the development of POWDER ends this month but the partners are all actively seeking new ways to exploit the work, particularly with trustmarks, aiming to balance the wisdom of the crowds with the wisdom of the experts. Other members of the WG are set to exploit the technology in their own systems with focus on improved search and discoverability. The specs may be done, but there's still plenty of work to do.