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Friday, January 16th 2009

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Situation Report 16 January 2009

The group's charter expired at the end of December so we're in something of a state of limbo (one might say unchartered territory). However, a lot of work is being done to get us ready for a request for transition to PR. The links below are all very much temporary but they are all up to date and reflect the true status of the group's work (the homepage and published documents are not being updated at the moment). Several tools are done and dusted:
  • The Validator. This is expected to move to in due course
  • Perl-based processor. Again, this should move to a new home soon. There are minor improvements to make but it implements POWDER.
  • Semantic Processor. This is not a complete application, nor is it a conformant POWDER Processor, but is a command line-driven exemplar of POWDER-S. It uses Jena and Pellet to return descriptions of a given URI based on a given POWDER-S document.
Tools have also been produced that implement the transformations defined in the Formal document. An implementation report is being maintained. The POWDER XML Schema is also being debugged. Again, it's almost there. Actually, there are several interlinked schemata to handle POWDER and POWDER-BASE. The GRDDL transformation links will be included when we next make these available. A second, more sophisticated POWDER processor is close to completion. Based on PHP, it uses the schema to validate POWDER documents (the Perl-based processor uses the same code as the validator). Finally, most of the documents have been updated. It would be improper to link to them here but if you want to see updated versions of the DR, Grouping and Formal docs, plus the Primer and Test Suite, please get in touch and I'll send you the URIs. We're nearly there. Thankfully.

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