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Monday, December 15th 2008

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Meeting Summary 1 December 2008

The group made a quick review of the various implementations under way at the moment. There are a lot: a validator, two POWDER Processors, one POWDER-S Processor, an XSLT for POWDER to POWDER-BASE is just being debugged, the POWDER-BASE to POWDER-S XSLT is on the way and the deployment of POWDER on a large content portal is due online any day now. Good! But... there's not hiding the fact that all these need a little more work before they reach full release status and, of course, time is running out. The target is to seek transition to Proposed Recommendation w/c 15 December (W3C has a publication request moratorium beginning 18th Dec). The group spent a little time looking at comments received from Jonathan Rees and Dan Brickley. Further answers will be sent to those correspondents but the belief among the group is that the comments received will not need to significant changes to the published documents. The group noted that substantial discussions are ongoing regarding the issue of HTTP Link and relationship type registrations. A new draft of the HTTP Link doc is now published, with relevant threads on the HTTP mailing list and a new one set up by Eran Hammer-Lahav on metadata discovery The bottom line is that there appears to be broad consensus that HTTP Link will return and that the relationship type registry proposed by Mark Nottingham will come into effect. However, this won't be until after the POWDER WG has finished its work so that section 4.1.2 now seems almost certain to be flagged as informative rather than normative. The group also noted the new Internet Draft (also submitted by Mark Nottingham) proposing /site-meta as 'the well known location to end all other well known locations.'

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