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Tuesday, November 25th 2008

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Meeting Summary 6 October 2008

Following the e-mail discussion, the group formally resolved to 'drop support for arbitrary RDF' in a POWDER document. This means that attribution information must be provided in a separate file, not within the POWDER doc itself; and that descriptor sets will only have terms for which the object is a literal or an RDF resource. This means that the feature at risk flagged in the formal document has been removed. POWDER-S is unaffected. Another issue highlighted in the current (Last Call) documents is that of the range of the issuedby property. After a lot of discussion it has been resolved that the range of the wdrs:issuedby property will be defined as being a class that includes, but is not limited to, foaf:Agent and dcterms:Agent. Resolving this also made clear that a POWDER-S document is an owl:Ontology, not an owl:Thing which has implications for what can and can't be said out it. Finally, we discussed the QA requirements as they relate to the various Rec Track documents. Conformance sections to be added! Activity in the next week should take us very close to being ready to seek transition to CR for the 3 Rec Track documents. A POWDER-S processor already exists (at NCSR as part of the Quatro Project) and at least one POWDER Processor is nearly complete. The group decided at its last face to face that the CR exit criteria would be two POWDER Processors and one POWDER-S processor - so we're well on target.

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