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Tuesday, November 25th 2008

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Meeting Summary 3rd November 2008

The group took a look at recent work done on a test implementation of adding POWDER to a portal - it all looks solid and another strong case for HTTP Link! We also looked briefly at the work from Korea on a microformat based on POWDER. This is, of course, interesting and is a good indication of what is and is not clear about our work to date. The group will engage directly with Jonathan Jeong on this point. The Rec Track documents are all being finalised this week ready for publication next week. It was decided at the TPAC face to face that we will make a Second Last Call announcement but indicate that we do not intent to make a separate call for implementations (CR). The LC period should end Friday 28 November - giving us enough time to seek the transition to PR before Christmas. We are in touch with the RIF over perhaps including a new informative section in the formal document that would show how POWDER could be expressed in RIF. This will be added if there is time to do so, but this week is the deadline for making any further changes to our rec track documents if we are to hit the bigger deadlines.

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