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Tuesday, November 25th 2008

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Meeting Summary 13 October 2008

The main substantive topic of conversation today concerned the issue of whether it was right to use foaf:depiction as an annotation property in a descriptor set class (in POWDER-S) as described by Andrea. The answer is no, it isn't! Hence, it has been resolved that we will define our own term wdrs:logo. The problem does not occur with dcterms:description since, unlike FOAF, dc does not define a domain of owl:Thing for its properties. The group also noted the substantial comments received today from Michael Schneider. These will be answered in the coming days. Finally, the group had a brief discussion about plans for the transition to CR. Preparation for this is due to be completed before the face to face meeting next week at TPAC and the end of CR should fall around the end of November.
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Comment from: Dan Brickley [Visitor] · http://http:/
But the DC properties aren't Annotation Properties either. Are you relying on the Dublin Core site avoiding certain RDFS/OWL constructs forever? This would probably be a mistake.

I could remove the owl:Thing statement from FOAF but I'm not completely convinced this is necessary. Could you post the full reasoning behind this at a public URL?
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