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Friday, October 3rd 2008

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Meeting Summary 22 September 2008

The meeting began with a quick review of the Outreach event at Yahoo! and the status of work on implementations (Jena extension to handle POWDER-S seems to be done and two POWDER implementations are well under way). The group's attention must now turn to getting ready to declare its work finished by the time of its next and final) face to face meeting at TPAC next month. The group began to work through the last call comments received. Various members took action items to draft responses with a couple of issues still outstanding (all flagged in the various documents). These are whether or not we will support the inclusion of FOAF/DC Terms info directly in a POWDER doc as well as more complex RDF descriptions in the descriptors. The group is generally minded to drop support for this but arguments are being made to retain them. The issue is likely to be resolved within the next week. Likewise, the issue of whether a POWDER author should be a dcterms:creator or a foaf:maker has still not been entirely resolved. Having decided to make a POWDER doc an instance of an OWL ontology, foaf:maker (which has a domain of owl:Thing) becomes problematic. The semantic heads are thinking this through and, again, we should have this resolved within the next 7 days. Meanwhile, there have been comments on the Primer and work is continuing on the XSLT.

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