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Monday, September 22nd 2008

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Meeting Summary 8 September 2008

The group is getting ready for the next outreach event at Yahoo in a week's time so there's a focus on making things work at the moment. The XML Schemas are being installed in the correct locations and it should be possible to use a validating XML parser to validate any POWDER doc before the outreach event. Meanwhile, there's a validator well under way as well as a POWDER processor; and work is beginning on the POWDER to POWDER-S XSLT. It's not clear at this stage what progress has been made with the work in Athens. Work has started in two other group members' (large) companies and so there should be plenty of implementation experience building over the next couple of months. The group discussed comments received from Peter Patel-Schneider. A full response will be composed this week and discussed internally before being sent - the good news is that the comments do not appear to highlight significant or unanswerable problems with the Formal Semantics document. Other comments received were discussed and, again, full responses will be sent soon. The group took one resolution this week. Work on the POWDER Processor highlighted the lack of clarity over whether the displaytext and displayicon could appear more than once in a DR. Since a DR may have any number of descriptor sets, and OWL (POWDER-S ) doesn't restrict cardinality of properties it's clear that multiple strings and icons may be presented to a user agent. Since it is not clear how a given UA would handle this situation, the Description Resources document will be amended to advise DR authors only to provide one string and one image to display.

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