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Thursday, August 28th 2008

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Meeting Summary 21 July 2008

Apologies for the late posting of this summary The bulk of the meeting was taken up with one issue, largely as summarised in a recent e-mail thread. The group expressed a variety of views - flexibility to meet future uses against ease of implementation is never an easy trade-off to make. In the end it was resolved that support for arbitrary RDF in POWDER documents (i.e. the XML format) would be marked as a feature at risk. If removed it would mean that:
  • The issuedby element (mandatory for all POWDER documents) would always link to an external file in which the foaf:Agent or dcterms:Agent information was contained - this could not be embedded in the POWDER doc.
  • That descriptors would have to take values that were literals or RDF Resources as their objects - not further nodes.
Only relatively minor changes are necessary to effect this resolution in the latest editor's drafts. POWDER-S is unaffected. With that discussion held, the group briefly reviewed the latest (internal) versions of its documents. With not a little relief it was resolved that, subject to the changes just described being made, the latest versions of the three Rec Track documents (Grouping, Description Resources and Formal) would be the basis of our Last Call announcement. Simultaneously, First Public Working Drafts of the Primer and test Suite would be published. Resolution taken, the group adjourned for the summer. We will reconvene on 1st September - the Monday after the close of the Last Call period.

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