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Friday, July 11th 2008

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Meeting Summary 7th July

The group reviewed the current status of its publications. The DR and Grouping doc have both been updated recently and the Formal Semantics document has been published as a first working draft. The various XML schemas are in place too but not (yet) the POWDER-S vocabulary. It is anticipated that all the namespace documents will be in place before next week's face to face meeting in London. The group then looked at and resolved some relatively minor outstanding issues. 1. Taking note of comments from Masahide Kanzaki and Ivan Herman the erroneous references to rdf:nodeIDs in all POWDER-S examples will be fixed. 2. That there will be a possible child element of descriptorset will be typeof that will take a ref attribute, the value of which is the URI of a Class. The semantics will be that all members of the IRI set will be instances of the referred to class. 3. A longer discussion centred on whether and how to transport XML metadata within POWDER. It was eventually resolved that the group does not need to change or add anything to make this possible since RDF already supports the concept of an XML Literal as an object of a triple. However, an example will be given in the Primer for how to do this. The group also discussed the Primer and Test Suite documents - progress is being made with both of those. The target for the face to face meeting in London next week is that the Grouping, DR and Formal doc will be ready for Last Call, and all other documents, including the Test Suite and Primer will be in the public domain as drafts.

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