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Friday, June 27th 2008

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Meeting Summary 2nd June 2008

The bulk of the meeting concerned the Primer which the group intends to publish in the near future as a first public working draft and evolve over the remainder of the year as a Note. It explains why and how to use POWDER and is meant as a general introduction to the whole protocol. Technical detail is included where necessary but is introduced in a near tutorial style. There are a number of open issues but these are being reduced and FPWD should be ready next week. The group resolved to publish an updated working draft of the Description Resources document and seek permission to publish a FPWD of its Formal Semantics document. Meanwhile, updated versions of the schema and vocabulary documents are close to being ready to publish. The Test Suite and an updated version of the Grouping of Resources document should also be ready for the group to resolve to publish on next week's call. The WG was pleased to note the recent discussion in the TAG concerning the HTTP Link Header which is very positive for POWDER.

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