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Friday, June 27th 2008

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Meeting Summary 23rd June 2008

The group is working towards getting its already published documents updated and ready for Last Call which, all being well, will be announced at the end of this month. New versions of the Description Resources and Grouping documents are being put through the W3C publication process, along with the new Formal Semantics document. In addition the XML schemata and datatype definitions necessary for POWDER and POWDER-BASE are ready to go along with the POWDER-S RDF vocabulary. These have the appearance of ancillary documents however they are crucial as they are what will make the Protocol for Web Description Resources actually work! The meeting this week spent most of its time, however, looking at two documents that are not quite ready for publication yet - the Primer and test suite. It was felt that we need to have more examples of POWDER processing ready to include in the Primer before it can be published - hopefully around the end of next month. A Test Suite is also being prepared. Some sample data has been prepared and the format of the suite worked out. This week will see specific references to sections of the normative documents included so that it is clearer exactly what the test is about. It is hoped that the Test Suite will be ready for First Public Working Draft by this time next week - when the aim is to announce Last Call on several documents.

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