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Friday, April 25th 2008

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Meeting Summary 21st April 2008

The meeting began with a discussion on the Primer document. Many members took action items to begin to create sections of the document that will exemplify their intended usage of POWDER. Early versions of these sections should be in the first public working draft which is due for publication within the next few weeks. There was then a discussion about the processing of URI components that don't lend themselves to regular expression matching - namely port numbers and IP addresses. WG members are working on this and it is hoped that the number of semantic extensions - i.e. RDF/OWL uses that regular tools can't process - will be kept very low. The group also looked at the wisdom and desirability of making the XSLT that enacts the GRDDL transform 'smart'. Should it only insert owl:intersectionOf and owl:unionOf where it is necessary to do so or remain simple with the result that POWDER documents will often include intersections and unions of single classes? Since the meaning in OWL is unchanged and the Semantic POWDER documents are not intended to be produced or read by humans, it was decided to Keep It Simple - and accept extra verbosity even where it's not required, noting that such extra lines may be removed if so desired. Finally, the issue of a conformance section in the grouping doc was also raised - i.e. the lack of one at present. This may need to be added to satisfy Quality Assurance criteria. The group continues to work hard towards a Last Call announcement. The next versions of the grouping and DR docs to be reviewed at next week's meeting and published shortly thereafter should be very close to, if not the, Last Call versions.

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