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Tuesday, April 8th 2008

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Outreach Event 18th March 2008 Summary

The POWDER WG held its second outreach event on 18th March, hosted by the GSM Association. The event provided an opportunity for our guests to learn what POWDER is and how it can help to delivery more targeted, personalised content to the benefit of content providers and consumers alike. Carl Taylor from Hutchinson Whampoa gave a positive assessment of the technology but warned about the problems that slow adoption could pose and the task ahead to convince content providers of the benefits of adding metadata, no matter how trusted and useful it may be. Another guest, Scott Rose from Arqiva, talked about the difficulty, cost and therefore resistance to adding metadata to large repositories of video – something that POWDER is designed to streamline by allowing data to be applied to many different resources at once.

As well as a series of short presentations of the various use cases, Paul Walsh of Segala and Charles McCathieNevile of Opera Software both demonstrated POWDER being used in user-centric applications. Putting on events like this not only helps to spread the word about the technology, it’s also very useful for WG members to get first hand feedback from potential users. The group hopes to organise further outreach events later in the year.

The following presentations from the event are available as PDFs:


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