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Thursday, March 13th 2008

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Meeting Summary 3rd March 2008

The group began by checking plans for its forthcoming outreach event, the agenda for which is now finalised. In view of this event, there will be no telecon the previous day but those WG members present will get together before the meeting. In between now and then, the meeting on 10th March will be held an hour earlier to accommodate US daylight saving time. There was considerable discussion about how POWDER will support free text tags and how these might refer to other resources that help to define what they mean. Each tag will be the content of its own element so that white space can be included, and all tags will be elements within a tag set. That tag set has an optional attribute of 'ref' that takes as its value a white space separated list of URIs which may be anything - documents, encyclopaedia entries, RDF vocabulary terms or POWDER Descriptors elements. The term 'ref' was preferred to the earlier working term of 'mapsTo' since the latter implies an equivalence that is not intended. The final discussion was one of those that sounds trivial but that can take up a lot of time. Since POWDER is now working with XML that gets transformed into RDF/OWL we come against different conventions concerning capitalisation of element names (Class and property names). The convention in XML is that everything is lower case. In RDF/OWL, classes begin with upper case letters, properties with lower case and Camel Case is common. The group resolved that the XML convention would prevail, i.e. that lower case element names would be used throughout and these would be preserved by the GRDDL transform. Feedback will be sought on this point as the Semantic Web community may prefer the transform to respect the RDF/OWL naming conventions. This would be possible but might be more confusing than sticking to a single naming convention throughout. The group is very anxious to publish new drafts of its documents and will be working hard this week so that a resolution to do this can be taken next week.

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