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Thursday, March 13th 2008

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Meeting Summary 10th March 2008

A lot of work has been going into preparing new working drafts of the Grouping of Resources and Description Resources documents to reflect the development of the new model. The Description Resources doc should be published by the end of this week (Monday 17th latest) and the Grouping doc no more than a week later. Hurrah! There are some issues we need to address in the Grouping doc arising from the change to POWDER being encoded in XML (with an associated GRDDL transform to turn it into RDF/OWL will formal semantics). In the original documents we used OWL's unionOf and intersectionOf to create complex sets - but this doesn't work in XML so we need to work out how to do that. That shouldn't take too long but we're not ready to put it into a WD just yet. Talking of timelines - the group's charter expires this month (oh how optimistic we were...). We are now seeking an extension through to the end of the year. The group hopes to reach Last Call on its currently existing documents around the end of April with CR to follow before the summer.

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