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Tuesday, January 8th 2008

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Meeting Summary 7 January 2008

The Bristol meeting held just before Christmas means that the group has had a good deal of (very welcome) input from outside its membership. The group digested the advice received so far and actions have been assigned that should bring the Grouping of Resources document and the accompanying vocabulary and schema documents up to date. It seems that the changes necessary for these documents are relatively few in number so we're hopeful of making progress towards last call with these in the near future. In discussing the comments raised by Jeremy Carroll concerning groups of URIs rather then groups of resources, it was resolved that "The WG is happy to forego grouping by resource property if that means that POWDER avoids a lot of complexity for little obvious gain." We'll expand on this in the change log of the grouping doc but the basic point Jeremy makes is taken. The meeting ended with brief discussions about the logistics for the forthcoming face to face meeting in Athens (31 Jan - 1 Feb) and an outreach event being planned with the GSM Association for March.

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