Post details: Meeting Summary 3rd December 2007

Wednesday, December 5th 2007

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Meeting Summary 3rd December 2007

The group spent some time this week discussing internal logistics, for example, we have agreed that our next face to face meeting will be in Athens in Monday-Tuesday 21 - 22 January 2008. We then gave some thought to the Primer. Who is it for? What message should it convey? It was agreed that it must inform the reader of what POWDER is for and how to use it but that, of course, it was not meant to duplicate the main specification documents. Work on this will get under way before the end of the year. The final topic discussed was the comments made by the Semantic Web Coordination Group last week, in particular the discussion on reification. Further input will be sought from outside the group but in the meantime, work will progress in the other areas. For example, a new internal draft of the grouping document should be available for review by the group members before the end of the year.

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