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Wednesday, December 5th 2007

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Meeting summary 26 November 2007

The discussion about the 'new' structure for Description Resources has been actively pursued on the public list and we dare to hope that we're reaching a conclusion. There are many factors to bear in mind. Should we use semantic web technology at all? (yes). Can we just do everything in RDF without OWL? No - that's what we were trying to do and it has the real danger that an off the shelf tool kit would come to the wrong conclusion. OWL can help us to overcome this but there are pitfalls too. Finally, using 'just a bit of OWL' to cover a gap in what we need to express in what is essentially an RDF vocabulary is to miss out on the full expressivity and power of OWL. Is this what we want to do deliberately? Well, it's not that we want to cut off options, more that the use cases do not call for the full expressivity of OWL. In particular, we do not need a system that says 'If a resource has features A, B and C THEN it is X'. We need to be able to say 'ACME testing says that Web site A is an example of _this_' and then to be able to go to ACME testing and ask 'did you really say that?' Unless further comment is forthcoming, the editors will work on new drafts of the primary tech documents over the next week with the hope of getting them in the public domain next week. This will allow others to review what the group's planning and make comments as soon as possible.

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