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Tuesday, October 16th 2007

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Meeting Summary 8 October 2007

The main topic of conversation this week was, again, the Grouping of Resources document. In particular, grouping my by property look up. The present published version of the document defines the includeConditional RDF property which states simply what property (properties) a resource must have to be a member of the Resource Set, without defining how to look it up. This is currently flagged as a feature at risk. The document goes on to suggest a method through which a look up system may be defined using simple HTTP requests. This section is going to be improved with a more well-defined syntax but is likely to remain more or less as is to handle a limited set of 'simple situations.' More complex look up systems using a Web Service require more thought! The feeling is that defining a completely generic structure in which any look up service can be encoded is probably not feasible. As a result the plan is to make a 'best effort' and then seek comment. The whole section on Resource Set membership through the properties is likely to be flagged as a feature at risk. The main reason for keeping it is that it should make it easier to publish DRs making use of existing database systems. There was some further discussion of which regular expression syntax to use. The issue has now come down to using either that defined by XML Schema or XPath functions. As we're only using REs for simple matching, only a simple syntax is required - so the issue is really whether the anchor characters should be explicit (XPath) or implicit (XML Schema). Next week's meeting will review the grouping of resources document again and will certainly aim to publish it, ideally as a Last Call. Finally, the group noted (and welcomed) the submission of a new use case by Liddy Nevile. The group's accessibility champion will review this carefully and advise the group on whether it should be added to the document or not.

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