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Sunday, September 30th 2007

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Meeting Summary 24 September 2007

The group focussed its attention on the new draft of the Grouping document (member only link)and discussed a few remaining issues. First of all it was resolved that the includeUserInfo and includeFragment properties would be dropped. A comment from Jeremy Carroll prompted the discussion. The use cases and group members' experience suggest that support for userInfo and fragments in Resource Set definitions would be of very limited usefulness and could potentially lead to security issues. It means that we're more focussed on Web Resources fetched using http/https but that seems the right move. Resource Definitions are extensible if ever userInfo and/or fragments are necessary. There was further discussion of the very real possibility of a DR containing a logical inconsistency (all the Resources that are Green are described as Red). This will be discussed in some length in the forthcoming Primer with tips on how to avoid it. For example, an XSLT will be available that renders a DR as a Web page that is easier to read and comprehend by the DR creator. The includeConditional and excludeConditional properties remain as a feature at risk - the group will be keen to receive feedback on this point. Meanwhile some new properties that have a data type of XML Literal will be added to the property look up system so that support for SOAP messaging is explicit. That is, a resource Set will be able to say 'post this XML instance to this URI and expect to get back this response.' In the same section, the document refers to an Internet Draft - advice is being sought on how to refer to another document in draft form. Having gone through the document, the Working Group has resolved that once the edits have been made as discussed above, it will seek transition to Last Call during the week commencing 1 October with a deadline for comments of 5 November - just ahead of the next scheduled face to face meeting.

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