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Monday, September 24th 2007

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Meeting Summary 17 September

Following last week's resolutions to seek transition of several documents to First Public Working Draft, they should be in the public domain this week. The group learned that its OWL vocabulary was the first to be published by a WG since the Best Practice document was published last year so there's a bit of work to do to get everything ready. The group will seek a lightning talk slot at the forthcoming Technical Plenary meeting in Boston. Attention then turned to comments received on the Grouping of Resources document. As resolved at the July face to face, the wildcard syntax for URI patterns will be enacted in the next draft. Art Barstow's comment is answered in full by the XML Schema document due for FPWD status this week. Jeremy Carroll's comment was noted. AS a result it is likely that specific support for the user info component of a URI will be dropped but this has not been fully resolved yet. His other comments will be acted upon. The discussion with Liam Quin concerning the regular expression syntax to be used resulted in the resolution that the POWDER WG will create a data type that reflects the XML Schema syntax as modified by XQuery functions. The syntax has less functionality than, say, Perl, however, it supports fully the kind of data validation envisaged for POWDER and is therefore suitable for this application. The remaining substantive issue discussed on the call was logical inconsistency. Specifically, if a Resource Set comprises "any resource that is blue" and the Descriptors declare those resources to be Red, there is no syntactic error, only a semantic one. Since this cannot be detected, the forthcoming Primer will include text warning of this and suggesting that DR creators test their DRs before releasing them. The group aims to resolve to seek transition of the grouping document to Last Call in next week's meeting. The LC period will be roughly the month of October leaving time for LC comments to be dealt with at the group's next face to face meeting in Boston in November. Meanwhile group members are beginning to think about implementation possibilities.

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