Post details: Meeting Summary, 10th September 2007

Monday, September 17th 2007

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Meeting Summary, 10th September 2007

The group again looked at what has become a major discussion point: whether the Descriptors block is linked by a property of the DR itself or from the Resource Set. The group will be seeking input on this point, particularly from the semantic web community. Discussion then turned to the draft working group notes which are the namespace documents for the POWDER vocabulary and the XML schema that defines the relevant datatypes. A relatively brief run through the Description Resources document enabled the group to pass three resolutions to publish the documents as first public working drafts. The XML schema and DR documents will include text to highlight work to be done and the areas where external input is seen as being particularly critical. The working group members are anxious to put the documents in the public domain as soon as possible to elicit the maximum feedback! All being well these documents will be in the public domain week no later than Tuesday 25th September.

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