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Sunday, September 30th 2007

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Meeting Summary 24 September 2007

The group focussed its attention on the new draft of the Grouping document (member only link)and discussed a few remaining issues. First of all it was resolved that the includeUserInfo and includeFragment properties would be dropped. A comment from Jeremy Carroll prompted the discussion. The use cases and group members' experience suggest that support for userInfo and fragments in Resource Set definitions would be of very limited usefulness and could potentially lead to security issues. It means that we're more focussed on Web Resources fetched using http/https but that seems the right move. Resource Definitions are extensible if ever userInfo and/or fragments are necessary. There was further discussion of the very real possibility of a DR containing a logical inconsistency (all the Resources that are Green are described as Red). This will be discussed in some length in the forthcoming Primer with tips on how to avoid it. For example, an XSLT will be available that renders a DR as a Web page that is easier to read and comprehend by the DR creator. The includeConditional and excludeConditional properties remain as a feature at risk - the group will be keen to receive feedback on this point. Meanwhile some new properties that have a data type of XML Literal will be added to the property look up system so that support for SOAP messaging is explicit. That is, a resource Set will be able to say 'post this XML instance to this URI and expect to get back this response.' In the same section, the document refers to an Internet Draft - advice is being sought on how to refer to another document in draft form. Having gone through the document, the Working Group has resolved that once the edits have been made as discussed above, it will seek transition to Last Call during the week commencing 1 October with a deadline for comments of 5 November - just ahead of the next scheduled face to face meeting.

Monday, September 24th 2007

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Meeting Summary 17 September

Following last week's resolutions to seek transition of several documents to First Public Working Draft, they should be in the public domain this week. The group learned that its OWL vocabulary was the first to be published by a WG since the Best Practice document was published last year so there's a bit of work to do to get everything ready. The group will seek a lightning talk slot at the forthcoming Technical Plenary meeting in Boston. Attention then turned to comments received on the Grouping of Resources document. As resolved at the July face to face, the wildcard syntax for URI patterns will be enacted in the next draft. Art Barstow's comment is answered in full by the XML Schema document due for FPWD status this week. Jeremy Carroll's comment was noted. AS a result it is likely that specific support for the user info component of a URI will be dropped but this has not been fully resolved yet. His other comments will be acted upon. The discussion with Liam Quin concerning the regular expression syntax to be used resulted in the resolution that the POWDER WG will create a data type that reflects the XML Schema syntax as modified by XQuery functions. The syntax has less functionality than, say, Perl, however, it supports fully the kind of data validation envisaged for POWDER and is therefore suitable for this application. The remaining substantive issue discussed on the call was logical inconsistency. Specifically, if a Resource Set comprises "any resource that is blue" and the Descriptors declare those resources to be Red, there is no syntactic error, only a semantic one. Since this cannot be detected, the forthcoming Primer will include text warning of this and suggesting that DR creators test their DRs before releasing them. The group aims to resolve to seek transition of the grouping document to Last Call in next week's meeting. The LC period will be roughly the month of October leaving time for LC comments to be dealt with at the group's next face to face meeting in Boston in November. Meanwhile group members are beginning to think about implementation possibilities.

Monday, September 17th 2007

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Meeting Summary, 10th September 2007

The group again looked at what has become a major discussion point: whether the Descriptors block is linked by a property of the DR itself or from the Resource Set. The group will be seeking input on this point, particularly from the semantic web community. Discussion then turned to the draft working group notes which are the namespace documents for the POWDER vocabulary and the XML schema that defines the relevant datatypes. A relatively brief run through the Description Resources document enabled the group to pass three resolutions to publish the documents as first public working drafts. The XML schema and DR documents will include text to highlight work to be done and the areas where external input is seen as being particularly critical. The working group members are anxious to put the documents in the public domain as soon as possible to elicit the maximum feedback! All being well these documents will be in the public domain week no later than Tuesday 25th September.

Monday, September 10th 2007

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Meeitng Summary 3 September 2007

The first meeting back after the summer break began with a quick update of the current situation. The Use Cases document has been published in its updated, and hopefully final, form. We need to get an updated version of the Grouping of Resources document and a First Public Working draft of the Description Resources document done on the next couple of weeks ahead of various meetings at the end of the month that provide an excellent platform for promoting the group's work. Most of the meeting was spent working through the latest (member only) version of the DR doc. The issue of whether Descriptors should be linked from the DR or from the Resource Set will be resolved on the list in the next couple of days (where it's easier to show examples and list pros and cons) but the trend is towards linking from the RS. The textual summary of a DR (provided using dc:description) will normally be a summary of the whole DR but this doesn't prevent a dc:description being provided of, say, just the Descriptors. The discussion then turned to how to express package scope. The resolution was that as a minimum, you SHOULD defined a white space separated list of hosts covered by a package (using wdr:aboutHosts) and you MAY further define an RS but be warned that not all processors will honour it. Package scope is a processing hint - the DRs in the package are not guaranteed to cover all the resources given in the package scope. Work is being done on showing how to use DR data in a rules-based environment. It is anticipated that this will show how the data can be expressed precisely and efficiently and may lead to further improvements in the spec. The group discussed how to include multiple blocks of Descriptors in a single DR. The idea of a separate wdr:include predicate for this purpose was dropped in favour of simply using a parseType="Collection" attribute on the hasDescriptors predicate. The section on efficient data representation (using XML entity declarations etc.) will be moved the the POWDER Primer but will be referred to in the specification document. Finally, a proposal to make includeHosts mandatory in Resource Set definitions was not approved. Individual DR creators (a.k.a. labelling authorities) may operate Web Services where includeHosts is guaranteed to be present but this need not apply universally.