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Wednesday, August 1st 2007

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Meeting Summary 30 July 2007

The group's original Use Cases and Requirements document, first published in May, has now been updated in the light of comments received and following various discussions amongst group members. As a result we're now seeking publication of it as a revised Working Group Note (subject to one final edit being made). The group remains undecided on whether the Descriptors should be linked from the DR or from the Resource Set. This remains an open issue therefore but one that needs to be resolved as it has a substantial effect on the structure of DR. Those present were either uncommitted on this issue or in favour of retaining the link from the DR to the Descriptors. Those in the other camp need to show up to put the case! Progress has been made on the Description Resources document. This is the one that sets out what a DR actually is, what it's structure should be and how it should be linked from content etc. However, insufficient progress has been made for it to be submitted for first public working draft and so it remains an editors' working draft for now. After a brief discussion about forthcoming face to face meeting at the Technical Plenary in November, and scope for repeats of the stakeholder meeting held in Washington earlier this month, the meeting closed. The next telecon will be at the usual time on Monday 3rd September.

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