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Thursday, July 19th 2007

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Meeting Summary 16 July 2007

This week was a chance for those who were not able to be in Washington to catch up with last week's events and resolutions. The resolution taken in Washington to link the Descriptors from the resource Set was formally rescinded for two reasons: first there is little appreciable difference in processing requirement (which was one of the motivations for the Washington resolution) and, secondly, that a Resource Set may comprise multiple Resource Sets linked by OWL Set Operators. It isn't clear how one could validate that the Descriptors referred to the intended Resource Set. Since the resolution at the f2f meeting was passed but in a relatively luke-warm way, this week's telecon decided that it should be rescinded.

There was further discussion around the issue that vexed the face to face meeting, namely the relationship between caching and the validUntil date, how a commercial content provider could manage their DRs and so on. The example was brought up of a news front page. This could change at a moment's notice, rendering the description resource inaccurate, even if the validUntil date were set for a time as short as a day. The validUntil date could be set to, say, 30 seconds hence, however, that could put a significant and unacceptable load on the servers. Therefore it was resolved that the Primer document will include a discussion of the use of the property look up feature and how this might be used to refer to the Last Modified date for a resource. That is, a DR might describe a Resource Set if and only if it hasn't been modified since a given date/time.


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