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Friday, July 6th 2007

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Meeting Summary 2 July 2007

We're moving to First Working Draft! The Grouping of Resources document that has taken much of the group's time since it was chartered has now reached a level of maturity that makes it ready for publication as a first working draft. There are a few areas where the group is undecided and is seeking specific feedback but the principles are clear. The main substantive point made during the meeting was that where Resource Sets are defined in terms of query strings, if the given query strings include multiple name-value pairs separated by ampersands, then these should be split up by a POWDER processor so that the same name-value pairs may appear in any order in the candidate resource's URI and still yield a match. The group also considered the idea that different parts of the set definition be given different priorities. For example, include might override exclude. It was resolved NOT to develop such a mechanism. The group's second face to face meeting will take place next week in Washington, D.C. Telecons will continue throughout July but the group will go into recess for the month of August.

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