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Friday, July 6th 2007

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Meeting summary 25 June 2007

This week's meeting briefly discussed the recent IETF work on template URIs and decided that, although the draft has expired, we should adopt its approach and refer to the document as a non-normative source. There was then a discussion about the RDF property names to be used. In the end, using the roleNoun approach, it was resolved that the property names would be includeHosts, excludeHosts and their homologues. The bulk of the meeting was spent discussing the meaning of Resource Set definition such as: <wdr:ResourceSet> <wdr:includeHosts></wdr:includeHosts> <wdr:excludePathStartsWith>foo bar</wdr:excludePathStartsWith> </wdr:ResourceSet> The intention is that multiple values given for each RDF property should be combined with OR so this means "all resources on except those with a path starting with foo OR bar." However, de Morgan's theorem states that NOT ( A OR B ) = NOT( A ) AND NOT( B ) So in fact to express the natural language statement in logical terms means that we need to combine the foo and bar values with AND. This means that the values of different RDF predicates will be treated differently but seems the logical way to proceed (pun very much intended!). Moving on, the group also considered the recent discussion that has taken place on the public mailing list concerning the linkage between POWDER and SKOS. The POWDER WG has yet to begin work on Description Resources as such but has noted the outcome of this public discussion and will take it fully into account when the time comes. Finally, the group recorded a vote of thanks to Kjetil Kjernsmo for his substantial contribution to the POWDER WG and the Content Label Incubator Activity that preceded it.

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