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Friday, June 22nd 2007

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Meeting Summary 18 June 2007

The meeting discussed most of the remaining issues in the Grouping of Resources document. It was resolved that we'll produce a separate document that describes the individual terms (i.e. Classes and properties) in the vocabulary as defined by both the Grouping and main POWDER docs. This will map directly from (and may even be auto-generated from) the actual RDF/OWL data. The discussion that has been taking place on the group's list about redirection was continued. The end result is that by default, if a URI leads to a redirect, that resources will only be a member of the Resource Set if the target URI is itself a member of the set as well. However, this behaviour can be overridden with a new property to be defined. i.e. a Resource Set definition may include a property that says "if redirected, follow the redirection and don't re-process to find out if the new resource is a member of the set." Finally we talked briefly about whether there should be some prioritisation of Resource Set properties. For example, saying that properties that include resources will take priority over those that exclude. There was no consensus on this and more work is being undertaken. The meeting ended with a discussion of the logistics surrounding the forthcoming face to face meeting in Washington.

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