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Tuesday, June 12th 2007

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Meeting Summary 4 June 2007

The group is getting close to publishing the first working draft of its Grouping of Resources document and addressed most of the outstanding issues during the meeting. First it was resolved that where regular expressions are used in Resource Set definitions, we will use the Perl 5 syntax. However, we will also note that alternatives are available, in particular, XML REs and and the new syntax under discussion in the X Query WG. Such alternatives may be used in the document if ready in time or in a future iteration of POWDER. The meeting was pleased to note the recent work done by Dan Brickley on the FOAF spec and the discussions under way to create a stable, long term hosting solution for it [1]. Thus the group is confident in using FOAF vocabulary terms in its documents. There was a brief discussion about the stakeholder meeting to be held following the group's next face to face meeting in Washington on July. The venue has now been agreed as AT&T's Innovations Center. Discussion then turned to the Grouping of Resources document. A remaining issue to be decided concerns RS definition by resource property. We want to support a look up system whereby a POWDER module can send a request to a URI and determine whether a candidate resource is or is not an element of the Resource Set by looking at the response. The issue is whether, and how, we should support multiple look up URIs. A proposal will be put to the group during the next week. There is also the issue of a logically inconsistent Resource Set definition - how should these be dealt with? Amazingly, the conjunction and disjunction section that had previously seemed so vexatious now seems to be settled. To do: As above plus: 1. Write normative section giving each RDF property and its constraints 2. Further feedback from the group Aim is to resolve to go to public working draft at next week's meeting. [1]

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