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Monday, May 21st 2007

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Meeting Summary - 21 May 2007

The first half of the meeting was spent looking at the work plan between now and the Technical Plenary in November. The next face to face meeting of the group will be on Monday and Tuesday 9–10 July in Washington DC, followed by a stakeholder meeting the following Wednesday morning. It is hoped that the Grouping of Resources document can move to Last Call following that meeting and that the POWDER document (the one that will describe how DRs are to be constructed) can be prepared to First Working Draft. The aim is to advance both documents such that the LC phase can end immediately before the TP. That's going to be a tough schedule but, well, the group thinks it's a good target. The group therefore resolved to have a f2f meeting during the Tech Plenary week in November. The discussion then turned to what it means if a DR has no scope — it was resolved that a DR with no scope is invalid - i.e. a DR must describe a defined set of resources. But what if a Resource Set is defined outside the context of a DR? it was resolved that a resource set with no defining characteristics, i.e. <wdr:ResourceSet /> is the Empty Set. Finally, we turned to talking about naming different key Classes. This follows some internal confusion over 'description' and 'description resource'. The resolution was that we should call a DR a 'Descriptive Resource' (not, not Description Resource) and retain the terms Attribution, Scope and Description for a DR's components. It is to be noted that support for this was lukewarm and we may return to the issue in future.
Cédric Kiss

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