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Monday, April 30th 2007

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Meeting Summary - 30 April 2007

A shorter than usual call this week coming soon after the face to face last week. The meeting focussed particularly on the use cases and requirements document, now in draft form. Members will be reviewing the use cases that relate particularly to their area of interest. WG members who were not in WCL-XG, where the original use cases and requirements were developed, are asked to review the document as a whole to ensure that it meets their needs as well. There was then an internal discussion about the putative press event in Washington later this year: the messaging and the audience. Finally, we talked about the desire to support user generated tags in DRs, using SKOS. This may require additional properties within SKOS itself or, perhaps, POWDER will define its own. There is some urgency in this work so it is proceeding slightly ahead of its more natural place in the discussion around the Description Resources themselves which will begin once the use cases and Grouping of Resources documents are in the public domain.
Cédric Kiss

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