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Monday, April 16th 2007

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Meeting Summary - 16 April 2007

The meeting focussed on a member-only draft of the grouping document. It is hoped that this will be ready for publication as a first working draft following the face to face meeting next week in Darmstadt.

It was resolved that we will support resource grouping by IP address and that Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) will be the basis for this, i.e. it will be possible to define a group of resources using CIDR.

There was then considerable discussion about the trade-off between simplicity and flexibility when defining a group by URI pattern matching. One approach would be to define a set of RDF properties, such as hasScheme, hasHost, hasPath and a set of properties such as plainText, startWith, endsWith etc. plus regularExpression so that any URI component could be expressed in a very explicit way. For example:


This defines the scope (group) as any resource resolved from a URI with a scheme beginning with http. startsWith might be replaced with 'exact' to exclude https, and plainText could be replaced with regularExpression, providing a very flexible system. It was felt though that this is a very cumbersome system that should be simplified somehow. There are two principle ways in which this could be done - make the data more compact or simplify the data model. The latter approach was chosen. Thus, two resolutions were taken: first that the RDF properties relating to URI components will _always_ have a string value; and that the strings will _always_ have a defined matching style. For example, hasHost is likely to always take 'endsWith'.

Thus the same data as above can be expressed thus:


Clearly, there is a reduction in flexibility here, however, flexibility is largely maintained by the hasURI property which will always take a regular expression as its value.

There will be no telecon next Monday, 30th April. The next meeting is the face to face meeting in Darmstadt, the next telecon will be on Monday 30th April.

Cédric Kiss

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