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Monday, March 26th 2007

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Meeting Summary - 26 March 2007

The meeting began by welcoming Diana Pentecost from AOL LLC (she had participated in the WCL Incubator Activity too). The group also discussed a few administrative matters, in particular, a renewed commitment to discussing technical matters on the public mailing list rather than on the member-only list. The bulk of the meeting was concerned with possible approaches to resource grouping. One such approach—an evolution of what has been discussed in the XG and latterly in the WG—is described in an e-mail to the public list. Andrea Perego is working on an alternative approach based on N3 Rules. There will be a post to the public list on this very shortly. The former method presents the data needed to define a group of resources and leaves it to implementers to decide how to actually process it. The latter presents one or more rules to be applied to a given resource to decide whether it is a member of a group or not. There are advantages and disadvantages on both sides which should prompt further debate. Finally, the group discussed holding a public/press event allied to a face to face meeting in Washington DC in early July. This will allow group members to present their view of POWDER and its potential.
Cédric Kiss

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