Semantic Web Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group now closed

The Semantic Web Health Care and Life Sciences (HCLS) Interest Group is now closed.

The mission of the group was to develop, advocate for, and support the use of Semantic Web technologies across health care, life sciences, clinical research and translational medicine.

The Interest Group has proven to be a valuable forum for the community to discuss common interests and occasionally spin-off other collaborative efforts.

We would like to call attention to the HCLS IG’s role in the deployment of Semantic Web infrastructure in Life Sciences and Health Care. In recent years the IG conversations have been conducted exclusively by email. W3C management therefore suggested to the IG that it transition to a Community Group with the option to retain the public IG mailing list and archive. We are confident this work will continue in the Community Group as well as in initiatives and conferences (e.g. SWAT4LS) and in domain-specific standards bodies (HL7, SNOMED).

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