The next HCLS F2F meeting is being held on November 2-3, so it’s approaching rapidly.
We have some excellent talks arranged. Don Doherty (Brainstage) will be giving an introduction to neuroscience, and presenting on informatics requirements. Mark Musen (Stanford) will be providing an overview of BioPortal. Peter Hendler (Kaiser Permanante) will be talking about the use of SNOMED and DL in EHRs. Helena Deus (U Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center) will speak on propagating permissions in biomedicine.
We will also have Axel Polleres (DERI) presenting on the SPARQL WG, Yolanda Gil on the Provenance XG, and Eric Prud’hommeaux (W3C) on OWL2 WG, RDF2RDB WG and RIF WG. Scott Marshall (Leiden) will be giving the overview of the HCLS IG. There will also be task breakout sessions, discussions on strategic direction, outreach, collaboration, and funding.

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